Tips on buying travel insurance

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Travelling during winter requires more planning than usual. You have to consider everything from winter-clothes, slippery roads, airport closures and more. So plan ahead and bear winter travel tips in mind for a more enjoyable and safe vacation.

Your plans are set and you’re excited for the trip you just booked. However, before travel you need to purchase travel insurance. Should you buy travel insurance? Do you even need it? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself before you purchase a policy.

Despite government organisations like the UK Foreign Office and others advising travellers against not having travel insurance; an alarming number of people still ignore it at great costs to them.

You get what you pay for, travel insurance is no different.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance allows you to travel as many times as you can in a 12 month period. It is ideal for frequent travellers and also families that travel more than twice a year. Many people buy annual travel insurance and then discover that it is inadequate for some trips and end up sending more.

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