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There are numerous annual multi-trip travel insurance policies online and trying to find the one that suits you best can be complicated and arduous. Ignoring the comparison can end up with you having to purchase additional travel covers which defeats the purpose of buying a multi-trip policy in the first place.

Annul-multi-trip travel insurances is more expensive than single-trip covers but it's the way to go for anyone who travels frequently or for families that take 2 or more holidays per year. Some annual-multi-trip insurances also include additional covers like winter and water sports.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance allows you to travel as many times as you can in a 12 month period. It is ideal for frequent travellers and also families that travel more than twice a year. Many people buy annual travel insurance and then discover that it is inadequate for some trips and end up sending more.

The key benefit of annual travel insurance is that you are covered for all of your trips in that year without having to purchase separate policies for each trip. It is usually more expensive than single trip insurance, but works out cheaper if you travel several times a year.