Winter Travel Tips
Travelling during winter requires more planning than usual. You have to consider everything from winter-clothes, slippery roads, airport closures and more. So plan ahead and bear winter travel tips in mind for a more enjoyable and safe vacation.

Travelling in winter requires more planning and thought than usual and if you are going on a Ski Trip then it you’ve got even more considerations so the first thing to do is make a packing list. Here are some of the other important winter travel tips:

Travel Insurance

  • If you are Skiing or snowboarding then ensure you have adequate Ski Travel Insurance.
  • The roads and pavements are slippery so a general Travel Insurance is important even if you are not participating in any Winter Sports.
  • Most flights and holiday packages are non-refundable so ensure you purchase your travel cover as soon as you have booked your trip in case of delays and/or cancellations on your part or that of the airline. Not to mention the fact that flight delays and cancellations are more common during winter.


  • Fly non-stop; more flights you have to take, the greater the risk of delays and cancellations due to winter weather.
  • If there is saving to be had, consider connecting via a warmer city.
  • Check your flight status for delays and/or cancellations.Check the weather and airport conditions at destination.
  • Winter trips requires bulky clothes and items so check you baggage in early if the airline permits it. It’ll save you having to que up with at checkin, especially if you are traveling with winter sports equipments like skis, snowboards etc.
  • Follow the airline & airport and weather channel on social media.
  • Monitor Travel Alerts like from UK FCO Travel Advice about your destination.


  • If you are driving on the way to the airport or even at destination:
  • Avoid using cruise control when you are on slippery roads iced roads.
  • Check the tyre treads and inflation, and general readiness for winter driving.
  • Use a sat-nav for voice directions to counter any weather related visibility issues.Ensure your driving license are valid.
  • Check the Collision Damage Waiver cover.
  • Travel insurance will not cover this.If you are driving at destination, ensure you hotel has secure parking.

Dry Skin

Traveling in the winter can be very dehydrating so the most important cosmetic you should have with you ate all times are lip balm & moisturiser with SPF.

Rent Gear

If possible rent whatever sports gear you can at destination and also the bulky clothes you’ll need to keep warm.