Security & Privacy

HolidayGuard Security & Privacy

Payment Security
We use Barclaycard to process our payments simply because banks have the best security when it comes to processing credit card payments online. We do not see or store your credit card details at all and NO ONE FROM HOLIDAYGUARD OR THE K G GROUP WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR CREDIT CARD OR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS.
Once you have filled in the details we need to issue your Travel Insurance Certificate and you click the “purchase” button; we hand you off to the Barclaycard ePDQ to process your payment. They then take the credit card details in their highly secure environment and authorise or decline the card based on the funds available on your card.
Once the payment is made you will be redirected back to our website where we will provide you a link to your access certificate, the link and purchase confirmation will also be sent to your email address.
There are two ways to confirm that a page is secure:
1. When you are on a protected webpage, there should be a small padlock symbol displayed on the top or bottom line of your browser be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc. These symbols are indicators that the page is secure and the data being exchanged is encrypted.
2. Additionally when you are on a protected page, the URL address shown at the top will begin with an “https://” prefix rather than the standard “http://” prefix. The additional “s” means that the page is secure and the data being exchanged is encrypted. Here is an example of what it looks like.
HolidayGuard Privacy Policy
We understand and respect your right to privacy and have taken the following measures:
1. The information you share with us is the bare minimum we require to process your purchase and issue your Policy Certificate.
2. All payment related credit-card and debit-card details are gathered by Barclaycard EPQD, the details of which are not shared with us. So we do not store or ask for your credit-card or debit-card details at any time.
3. We undertake not to share your data with any third parties other than the the bank and our technology partners.
4. We undertake to limit our communications with you to just policy renewal reminders, purchase notifications and occasional promotional offers which will not exceed 1 per month.
5. Access to customer details is to limited staff involved in processing and to follow up on your purchase as may be required.
6. In the event you feel you have received any unsolicited communication as a direct result of your dealings with us, please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form below and we will investigate it immediately and revert back to you.
7. Please email us at from the email you use to make your purchases whenever you would like to update or delete all or part of the data that you have shared with us and we will comply within 3 working days and notify you once its done.
8. If you need any clarification or addition information regarding our privacy policy, please fill out the “Contact Us” form in the footer below.
Purchase EligibilityOur Policies only cover the residents of the UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Oman, Kuwait & Bahrain. It covers return trips from these Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to destinations Worldwide.