Annual Travel Insurance Comparison Check-List

There are numerous annual multi-trip travel insurance policies online and trying to find the one that suits you best can be complicated and arduous. Ignoring the comparison can end up with you having to purchase additional travel covers which defeats the purpose of buying a multi-trip policy in the first place.
The main purpose of this comparison is to ensure that you consider all the critical elements. For e.g. maximum stay per trip is generally 30 days but it's better to go for a...
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Travel Insurance for Saudi, UAE & other GCC Residents

Finding appropriate travel insurance online as a resident of a GCC country is not easy because Googling for "travel insurance" will return millions of options but the vast majority of them don't have policies for residents of these countries. The options are even further limited for residents of Saudi Arabia. The reason is because most of the insurance companies have to be underwritten in the GCC to be legally saleable in the region. 

Some companies do sell in the region without the...

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Why British Expats Need Travel Insurance In UK

Most expatriates assume that they are entitled to government medical services when they return back home for a break and consequently don’t need travel medical insurance. Unfortunately that is not the case, at least not for the British Expats. The UK NHS does not provide medical treatment to non-residents. The way it works is, if you are not paying taxes in the UK you are not entitled to the NHS medical. See the NHS website for more information.

This legislation is not limited to just the...

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