Finding appropriate travel insurance for Saudi, UAE & other GCC residents online is not easy because Googling for “travel insurance” will return thousands of options but the vast majority of them don’t have policies for residents of these countries. The options are even further limited for residents of Saudi Arabia. The reason is because most of the insurance companies have to be underwritten in the GCC to be legally saleable in the region. 
Some companies do sell in the region without the regional underwriting and there really is no risk in buying from them provided they are regulated by a governing body like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of UK. The regional underwriting basically provides regional resolution in the even of a dispute but its always easier and quicker to escalate it to a regulator like the UK FCA rather than deal with a regional underwriter.
So if you are a resident of the GCC  looking for travel insurance for Saudi residentsUAE residents or any other GCC residents ; our policies are regulated by the UK FCA and is underwritten by Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance for the GCC region. We cover both Single Trips and Multi Trips from Saudi, UAE and the other GCC countries. For families our Annual Travel Insurance covers up to 4 children under 18 for free and covers all trips for an entire year and we will match any lower premiums that provides a similar cover!