Once your trip is booked, don’t delay your travel insurance purchase because most claims are for trip cancellation. In Ireland, almost 30% of the travel insurance claims were made before the journey even began! These were the fortunate ones that took out the insurance cover as soon as they booked their trip. That’s higher than medical and baggage related claims! More often than not, travelers end up losing the entire cost of their booking dues to stringent cancellation charges of airlines, hotels, cruise companies, etc.
Unfortunately, most people leave the purchase of the trip cover till close to departure and risk forfeiting the cost of their holiday if they end up having to cancel for any number of unforseen circumstances. A completely unnecessary risk to take when they can easily buy the travel cancellation insurance effortlessly.
Here are some of things that can go wrong between the date of booking and date of departure:
  • You or one of the other travellers falls ill.
  • One of you has an accident.
  • Death of a close family member who may or may not be traveling.
  • Pregnancy & or related complications, especially if you’ve booked your travel over 6 months in advance.
  • Unavoidable court summons or jury duties.
  • Cessation of travel services for reasons beyond your control.
  • Political and/or security issues at your destination.
So always avoid the risk and buy your travel protection as soon as you purchase your holiday!
Here is the link to the article relating to the claims made in Ireland.