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The Pros & cons Of Buying Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance for multiple trips is definitely a money saver, especially for families, but its not without a few disadvantages. here is an article on the advantages and disadvantages of annual travel insurance.

Why Expats Need Travel Insurance When Going Back Home

As an expat if you think you are covered by the governments medical service whenever travel back home - then think again! Read More...

Importance Of Travel Insurance When Visiting Friends & Relatives

Here is an excellent video from the UK Foreign Office on the importance of having travel insurance even when staying with friends or relatives. You really don’t want to be a burden on them incase things go wrong. Read More...

UK Foreign Office Advise On Ski Travel Insurance

Despite constant travel advises and reminders 20% of skiers still go on ski holidays without adequate ski travel insurance. Here is the FCO’s Article on the importance of taking ski insurance and other useful pointers for skiers.

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Annual Travel Insurance Buying Tips

An Annual Multi Trip Insurance can save you money, but only if it is broad enough to cover all your trips! Here are some very useful buying tips to ensure that you don’t end up buying additional coverages. Read More...